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Prize List

Prize Lists for Jumper Shows 

Jumper Shows Prize List:

Divisions and Classs:

  • Puddle Jumpers: fences 2' Open to horses and ponies

  • Hopeful Jumpers: Fences 2'3" Open to horses and ponies

  • Fox Chase Jumpers Fences 2'6". Open to horses and ponies shown by junior or adult riders in their first or second year of showing.

  • Middleburg Jumpers: Fences 2'6". Open to horses and ponies shown by junior or adult riders in their third or more year of showing.

  • Training Jumper: Fences 2'9". Open to horses and ponies

  • Low Jumper: Fences 3'. Open to horses and ponies

  • 3'3" Jumper: Fences 3'3". Open to horses and ponies ridden by junior or adult/amateur riders.

  • Coloney Jumper: Fences 3'6". Open to horses and ponies

  • O'Meara Jumper: Fences 4'. Open to horses and ponies


SHOW FEES:  Jumper Shows class fee is $20.00 each. Grounds fee is $25.00 per entry at every show.  Every entry with a number, pays grounds fee.  A $2.00 discounted from the grounds fee for all online entries.  Equestrian Club Members get discounts on these fees.  All Credit Card transactions are charged a $5.00 convenience fee.
SCRATCHES:  If a horse is on the property and has schooled for the show and it’s decided to scratch from competition for whatever reason, the scratch fee is $25.00.  No other discounts apply.  
START TIMES:  Schooling for the hunter show is from 8:00am to 8:45am in the show arena.  Show will promptly start at 9:00am.  Schooling  rounds that are un-judged during the show is $15.00 per ride.  A schooling break at no cost, will be offered before pony divisions.  Jumper Shows, you may walk horses around the show course at 8:20am.  Show will start promptly at 9:00am.  If allowed, there will be unjudged rounds offered at $20 per ride. 
FORMS: Release and Payment forms must be signed by rider, parent or legal guardian before riding horses or ponies.
HELMETS AND ATTIRE: While mounted, all riders must wear helmets. Proper riding attire is expected, however jackets may be excused in hot weather.  Braiding is expected at the Finals.
NO DOGS:  We do not allow dogs on the property.  
ACCIDENTS OR DAMAGES: Fox Chase Farm and its agents and/or employees and sponsors are not responsible for ANY accident or loss which may occur to any exhibitor, spectator, rider, guest, groom, attendant, or other employee, animal or equipment or damaged vehicles and any lost or damaged items in vehicles or on show grounds.  Any equine activity, sponsor or equine professional is not liable for any injury to, or death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.  If there is damage to Fox Chase Farm show grounds or equipment or irrigation system,  by anyone assocated with peron or child or horse or animal, they will be and exhibitors will be held responsible for any damages to Fox Chase Farm show grounds and property by their horses, riders, or guests.
DISPUTES: Formal protests must be submitted in writing. If you have questions or disputes with something happening at the show, it should be brought to the attention of the show management. However, any violation such as actions deemed
un-sportsmanlike, or assault on a person or cruelty to a horse, by an exhibitor, trainer, coach, agent, owner, or spectator shall be subject to penalty as suspension and fines from the show, expulsion from the show grounds and elimination of any trophies, ribbons, prize money, and year-end prizes. Fox Chase Farm will not tolerate hostile behavior from anyone. Fox Chase Farm is dedicated to producing a highly competitive, yet collegial, horse show environment where hunter and jumper riders of a variety of skill levels can school and compete. We encourage good sportsmanlike behavior from all riders, trainers, coaches, owners, spectators and staff.
RETURNED CHECK FEE: Returned check fee of $50.00 will be charged for all returned checks.
BALANCE DUE: Exhibitors or trainers with a balance due to Fox Chase Farm, LLC., are not eligible for any prizes, year end prizes, ribbons or prize money.
SHOW MANAGEMENT reserves the right to refuse or decline entries before and/or during the show without liability for compensation. Anyone disqualified for any reason will not get any prizes or prize money or ribbons. All classes can be split or combined at the option of show management. Management reserves the right to hold under saddle classes in the outdoor schooling area, weather permitting.
CHANGES: Management reserves the right to change anything for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to changes of show schedule or judges, weather or illness or something else may determine a change.
JUDGES: All judge’s decisions are final.
JUDGES for the show will be announced a week or two before the show.  
INCLEMENT WEATHER:  We will make an announcement on inclement weather on our website: or on our Facbook page.
COGGINS: Fox Chase Farm must have a copy of current negative coggins on all horses and ponies.
PRIVATE PROPERTY: Fox Chase Farm is private property open to the public for events. Anyone can be asked to leave at any time for any reason.